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Around the World in 5 Plates

Around the World in 5 Plates


October 20th, 2018  5:00 – 8:00 p.m.


Join us for an enjoyable fundraising evening featuring hearty appetizers from around the world and an exciting silent auction of local wares and packages. A cash bar will be open to complement your tasting adventure. It’s a mix and mingle, eat, drink, and bid kind of evening!


Why the “Around the World” theme?

NEIM hosts “Around the World in 5 Plates” on or near United Nations Day each Fall out of respect for the original vision of Maria Montessori, Italian physician, educator, and founder of the Montessori method of education. As an early supporter of the League of Nations (a precursor to the United Nations), Dr. Montessori believed strongly that education should encourage children to show compassion to others, resolve conflict with words, and collaborate with others for the good of the community. NEIM joins over 20,000 schools worldwide in educating students with these ideals under the guiding curriculum principle of “educating for peace.”

Want to attend, but need a plan for your kids that night?

A supervised Kids Fun Night will take place at NEIM school for all kids ages 1-9 whose family members are at the party. Dinner, supervised activities, a movie and popcorn are included! Free will donation. 4:30 – 8:30 p.m. Email Val Deeney at 5platesdinner@gmail.com or Kristin Propson at ulst0005@umn.edu to register.

What are the donations used for? Are they tax deductible?

All proceeds go directly to the school as part of the operating budget. Donations, fundraisers, and grants keep NEIM’s high quality programs affordable.

Guests may participate in a silent auction or make a difference by donating to NEIM’s general operating fun, funding a child’s scholarship, or donating toward a special school improvement project.


Guests must have a ticket to enter.  Tickets are $50 per person (reserve your spot in advance by getting a ticket, but pay at the event). Tickets are available through any NEIM parent or board member, or by emailing Val Deeney at 5platesdinner@gmail.com

Every bit matters. Thank you!

NEIM is a 501(c)3 organization. Donations are tax deductible and we will happily provide an official receipt for your donation at the close of the event.

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