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Morning Children’s House

The Children’s House is a Primary school program designed for 3-6 years of age. Children at this age are eager to learn from new people and experiences. They absorb all the environment has to offer and it is our responsibility to ensure the world they experience is rich, safe, nurturing, and intelligent. The foundation of self-esteem and all future learning is constructed during these early years and the Primary Program is designed to take advantage of this powerful, formative period.

In the Children’s House, your child will be introduced to many different concepts and will learn both through observing and through direct interaction with our beautifully crafted materials.

  • Children learn to bake, sew, wash dishes, sweep, pour, and more with our lessons in Practical Life.
  • Activities that appeal and refine the senses are the focus of our Sensorial Exercises.
  • Your child will learn size, shape, composition, texture, temperature, weight, loudness or softness, and many other qualities as he or she works with these materials.
  • Language is taught through a specific progression of lessons that engage the senses–children learn letters and sounds through seeing, hearing, and touching them–and through immersion in a linguistically rich classroom environment.
  • Our Mathematics materials are designed to teach your child not only how, but why. Math is hands-on and our lessons teach number values and math operations though concrete materials that children touch and manipulate.
  • Lessons in Grace and Courtesy begin on the first day of school and are reinforced throughout the Primary level. Learning to respect one’s own work and the work of others, to wait one’s turn, and to handle materials gently and put them away neatly after using them–these and other lessons in Grace and Courtesy are essential to maintaining a quiet, respectful, and nurturing environment and to raising respectful and capable children.

Contact us to learn more, tour the Children’s House and meet our staff.

Full Day Children’s House

Instead of their school day ending prior to lunch with the other Primary children, Full Day students continue to work with guides until 3pm. During this time, younger children are either napping or have gone home for the day while the older children build upon the activities of the morning and undertake projects and field trips that are typically too challenging for the youngest students of the Children’s House.  Often the older students take on the leadership role in the classroom community. This continuity is developmentally appropriate and beneficial to the child’s sense of security and well-being. This opportunity of focused attention provides the perfect bridge to the elementary education.

Primary emphasizes active rather than passive learning. Children learn by actively participating in their environment, mastering many skills, and experiencing explosive learning during this time. Like other Primary students, Full Day students participate in music, language and cultural study, outdoor time, and other enrichment activities.

Contact us to begin the process of transitioning your child to our Extended Day program.

After School Childcare Program

NEIM’s after-school program – open students age 2 ½ – 9 years old – are led by experienced and well-trained staff. This program is an answer for working parents concerned about leaving their children in unsupervised environments. Included in this is a walking school bus from nearby John Cline Elementary School.  Your child will be given opportunities to participate in music lessons, baking, outdoor play, construction activities, creating art, and more in our after school care program.
Rate: $12 a day per child. This rate will be assessed regardless of the length of the time child/ren are in attendance.

Contact The Montessori School office to learn more about our Childcare program.

Summer Programming

NEIM will not be offering Summer Camp this summer (2020).  Our National registered historic building and back play area are in need of rest and repair.  For additional information please email neimsummercamp@gmail.com.